Why choose us?

Why choose Fairview Log Homes? Because they specialize in log cabin design. They don’t build other types of homes, and they don’t walk to a shelf and pick a blueprint. This custom log home builder consults with each client to create a log cabin design that is specific to that person’s lifestyle and desires. This family owned home builder has been involved in their community of local subcontractors for over 38 years, helping people from Wayne County to Butler on their adventure of building their dream home. They even have a 4,000 square foot energy efficient model home design that customers can tour that includes a two-car garage, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen with custom cabinets, dining room, great room, sunroom, spacious laundry room, and a large loft area. The basement boasts a finished family room and kitchen. Embarking on the goal of building a house can be a stressful period of time. From log cabin design and site prep to the smallest details, this turn-key contractor provides as much support and assistance as each individual needs, compassionately easing each person’s anxiety through the entire construction process. Fairview Log Homes offers affordable Amish-built custom log cabins that include standards for which other companies may charge, such as:

• 8" log exterior walls

• Log Rafter Roof System (R-34)

• Full Log Dormers & Gables

• Cedar Exterior & Interior Trim

• 10" Block Foundations

• Custom Wood Floorings

• Anderson Windows & Patio Doors

• ProVia Entry Doors

• 6-Panel Pine Interior Doors

• Delta Plumbing Fixtures

While their standard features create an exciting and distinctive home for anyone from Mahoning County to Fort Wayne, adding custom details can result in that design being taken to the next level. Stairways can be an integral part of a home’s design and décor, so Fairview Log Homes offers various styles so that each person can match the style to their personality. They can use character posts to support the structure and provide unique rustic features to create an inviting atmosphere. Custom stone fireplaces can add a cozy touch to any log cabin design, and corner details can be adjusted according to preference. They can add unique wrought iron railings and custom tables and furniture, as well as use different log species and profiles. Their affordable custom log cabins can feature a traditional or more modern open floor plan with custom kitchen cabinetry that will create not only beauty but storage and functionality. One call to the this turn-key contractor can start anyone on the journey of their dreams. When it comes to choosing a company to help with the undertaking of building a dream home, turn-key contractor Fairview Log Homes puts themselves above the competition by working with local subcontractors and guiding everyone from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Wayne County, Ohio, who trusts them. This family owned custom log home builder is the only phone call necessary with their energy efficient home design, log cabin site prep, and Amish-built log cabins. Whether someone from Mahoning County, Ohio, is starting a family after college or a retired sergeant is settling down in Butler, Pennsylvania, Fairview Log Homes can accommodate their dreams with affordable custom log cabins that boast unique stone fireplaces and exclusive kitchen cabinetry. Anyone can call today to take advantage of their experience, knowledge, and passion.

March blog

Residents of Marion, Ohio, Can’t Wait for The Spring Ground-Breaking with Fairview Log Homes


The fine spring weather is bringing out the whimsy that accompanies spring for those from Millersburg, Ohio, to Coshocton, Ohio. The breezes are clearing the skies and making the sunshine stick around, and those looking to build their dream house are finally preparing for breaking ground in the spring. Fairview Log Homes can take care of the entire process, from designing the perfect log home to the final cleanup. As a turn-key contractor, all of the initial and final aspects of building a custom log cabin can be handled by the reputable staff of this custom log home builder. The people living in and around Marion, Ohio, know what they want, and that is an affordable log cabin that is not only completely customizable but is made with green construction techniques. The residents of Alliance, Ohio, and beyond who have trusted Fairview Log Homes and know the benefits of a log cabin are pleased with their new and functioning Amish-built wooden house that makes all their home desires a reality.


At some point, nearly all log cabin owners from Millersburg to Alliance were on the fence about whether or not to purchase their very own wooden home. Eventually, though, they concluded that the benefits of owning a log cabin were extremely appealing to them. A custom log cabin is more energy efficient than a traditional home. Log homes are uniquely designed to help one stay warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, thanks to the R-values of wood used in a properly built home. Not only are the affordable log cabins built by Fairview Log Homes exceptionally versatile to any conditions, but they also range from boasting a rustic or modern aesthetic that appeals to many of the occupants. It differentiates one’s home from others and includes a wide range of styles from which homeowners can choose. Amish-built wooden houses are an economical and long-term investment, and there is a reason that they have been around for centuries — log cabins are built to last!


The residents of Marion and beyond are wondering why they should invest their time and money into the expertise of Fairview Log Homes. This custom log home builder has been helping people build their dream homes for over 28 years. Drawing on this wealth of experience, they can easily build any log home design that is not only affordable, but is also built using green construction techniques. As a turn-key contractor, Fairview Log Homes is dedicated to making the construction of quality homes at an affordable price easier and more convenient. Those from Coshocton and beyond looking for their very own Amish-built wooden house can find the perfect time to break ground for their affordable log cabin in spring, leaving the worst and most tedious parts of this process to the professionals.


For those living in and around Millersburg, Ohio, this custom log home builder is the company to call if anyone is looking to build their dream home. As a turn-key contractor, Fairview Log Homes will be with their customers throughout the entire building process, from the groundbreaking in spring to the final cleanup. A custom log cabin shows those living in and around Marion, Ohio, just how many benefits of a log cabin exist. Those from Alliance, Ohio, and beyond looking for a perfect, sustainable, and affordable log cabin now know the best place to go for the finest services that also focuses on green construction to help the environment. As an Amish-built wooden house, the log home design will bring together brilliance and practicality. Anyone from Coshocton, Ohio, and beyond can trust in Fairview Log Homes to make their home building dreams become a reality.


Of all the places to build a log cabin for your family, states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana are some of the best. In the spring, you can watch as your little ones run through the field of wildflowers surrounding your property, picking blooms as they go. In the summer, you can all enjoy a well-deserved vacation at your beautiful wooden home, basking in the sun on your balcony or wrap-around porch. In the fall, your cabin can be used as a resting spot during your hunting or fishing excursions. And of course, there’s nothing like cozying up with your family in your warm, wooden home as you watch the snowflakes drift to the ground in the winter. Whether you’re looking to relocate or simply purchase a second, seasonal home, chances are you want a dwelling that fits your family’s own needs and budget. If that’s the case, your best bet is enlisting the help of a general contractor that can offer custom home design.

By hiring the professionals at Fairview Log Homes, you can have a hand in creating a gorgeous log home for your family, complete with Anderson windows, ProVia doors, and hardwood flooring. Needless to say, it will be the perfect place for enjoying the changing seasons! When they’re hired for custom home design, the staff members at Fairview Log Homes make sure to take their clients’ budgets and needs into consideration. However, no matter how much space is available on your Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Indiana property, or what your price range may be, there are a few features that you can look forward to seeing on your own log cabin.

For starters, each of their wooden homes is built by their dedicated craftsman using the highest quality pine and cedar available. When you enlist the help of these general contractors for your own house, you can be sure the walls and framework of your home will be both sturdy and visually appealing. In addition to using high-quality lumber wherever they can, including hardwood flooring, Fairview Log Homes’ builders install ProVia doors and Anderson windows on all of their log cabins. These doors and windows are some of the highest rated products on the market, with superior function and appearance. Not only will these ProVia doors and Anderson windows provide energy-efficiency within your wooden home, but they’ll complement the rustic finish of the logs themselves.

If you love the idea of having a log cabin for your family to enjoy, consider hiring a team of general contractors that will create a custom home design using premium lumber for the framework, walls, and hardwood flooring, as well as high-quality ProVia doors and Anderson windows. Chances are you won’t find another wooden home builder like Fairview Log Homes who can craft such an eye-catching structure on your Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Indiana property!

October Blog

Fairview Log Homes Cares Enough to Offer Log Style, Window & Stone Choice in Log Cabins in Wooster, Ohio


When an individual is contemplating whether they should build a new home in which to live, or remodel their current one, the considerations are endless. There are advantages and disadvantages to each side of the decision, but when someone in Wooster, Ohio, discovers that an affordable log home is within their financial reach, that may be all the information they need to make a decision. When anyone from Mahoning County, Ohio, to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, contacts Fairview Log Homes for a custom log cabin, they will be highly satisfied with all that they learn from this turn-key contractor. They will discover that this custom log home builder has no pre-made blueprints, because they want to create a design suitable specifically to each client’s lifestyle and desires. They care about the smallest details and offer stone, window, and log style choices in log cabins, as well as custom stone fireplaces, that they design. Anyone in and around Powell, Ohio, can trust the experience behind the 250 Amish-built wooden houses that Fairview Log Homes has accomplished in its over 37 years of construction.


One of the biggest advantages to trusting turn-key contractor Fairview Log Homes is the amount of control one has in the design and planning. Fairview’s experiences as a custom log home builder for homeowners from Mahoning County to Tuscarawas County can help anyone through the entire construction process, from site prep to the smallest details — because that’s what will show through after they leave, and the owner moves in. The details are what Fairview Log Homes cares about. Another benefit to moving is that it’s a brand-new beginning in a unique home with fresh décor and atmosphere, especially if one chooses a custom log cabin. It is cathartic for many individuals to go through all their belongings as they are packing and moving with the idea that they can purge unnecessary items. This is the only part with which Fairview cannot help!


When anyone from Wooster to Powell is looking to live in an affordable log home, the best idea is to find a company that specializes in building them. There are special details that can be applied to satisfy any decorative preferences, from rustic to modern; additionally, Fairview Log Homes can offer standards in their Amish-built wooden houses that others who don’t specialize cannot. Some of the standards include 8-inch exterior walls with a log rafter roof system, full log dormers and gables, custom wood floorings, Anderson window and patio doors, six-panel pine interior doors, and much more. While their standard features create unique and exciting houses, adding custom details can take a home to the next level, creating a distinctive environment in which the owners will love to relax. They will have a stone choice, window choice, and log style choice in their cabin to design the appearance that they are imagining. They can alter the corner details to look more rustic or a have Fairview Log Homes construct a custom natural stone fireplace in their bedroom or living area. Wrought iron railings outside along the deck add a different dimension and personality, as does rustic flooring or custom log tables and chairs. Fairview Log Homes can also assist the client in choosing the log style that will be most suitable to their choice of land — from lodgepole and eastern white pine to northern white cedar and many other options. The choice will change the appearance of one’s home, as well as the level of maintenance that is required in the future. Anyone can call Fairview Log Homes when they want an affordable log home built exactly in the manner of which they have been dreaming.


When any family from Wooster, Ohio, to Powell, Ohio, is debating whether to move to a new custom log cabin or remodel their existing suburban vinyl-sided home in Mahoning County, Ohio, the decision is a not even worth contemplating. Upgrading to the cozy atmosphere of an affordable log home is worth every moment of the design and planning that goes into it. Turn-key contractor Fairview Log Homes aims to satisfy every request on time and within budget, because they know that living in an Amish-built wooden house is a dream for which many reach. This custom log home builder with 37 years’ experience can give their clients a stone, window, and log style choice in their cabin, as well as one or more custom stone fireplaces. Anyone in Tuscarawas County can imagine waking up to an inviting fire in the corner of their beautiful northern pine bedroom. People who have worked with Fairview Log Homes can attest to the quality and care put into every detail of their new home.