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Fairview Log Homes Cares Enough to Offer Log Style, Window & Stone Choice in Log Cabins in Wooster, Ohio


When an individual is contemplating whether they should build a new home in which to live, or remodel their current one, the considerations are endless. There are advantages and disadvantages to each side of the decision, but when someone in Wooster, Ohio, discovers that an affordable log home is within their financial reach, that may be all the information they need to make a decision. When anyone from Mahoning County, Ohio, to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, contacts Fairview Log Homes for a custom log cabin, they will be highly satisfied with all that they learn from this turn-key contractor. They will discover that this custom log home builder has no pre-made blueprints, because they want to create a design suitable specifically to each client’s lifestyle and desires. They care about the smallest details and offer stone, window, and log style choices in log cabins, as well as custom stone fireplaces, that they design. Anyone in and around Powell, Ohio, can trust the experience behind the 250 Amish-built wooden houses that Fairview Log Homes has accomplished in its over 37 years of construction.


One of the biggest advantages to trusting turn-key contractor Fairview Log Homes is the amount of control one has in the design and planning. Fairview’s experiences as a custom log home builder for homeowners from Mahoning County to Tuscarawas County can help anyone through the entire construction process, from site prep to the smallest details — because that’s what will show through after they leave, and the owner moves in. The details are what Fairview Log Homes cares about. Another benefit to moving is that it’s a brand-new beginning in a unique home with fresh décor and atmosphere, especially if one chooses a custom log cabin. It is cathartic for many individuals to go through all their belongings as they are packing and moving with the idea that they can purge unnecessary items. This is the only part with which Fairview cannot help!


When anyone from Wooster to Powell is looking to live in an affordable log home, the best idea is to find a company that specializes in building them. There are special details that can be applied to satisfy any decorative preferences, from rustic to modern; additionally, Fairview Log Homes can offer standards in their Amish-built wooden houses that others who don’t specialize cannot. Some of the standards include 8-inch exterior walls with a log rafter roof system, full log dormers and gables, custom wood floorings, Anderson window and patio doors, six-panel pine interior doors, and much more. While their standard features create unique and exciting houses, adding custom details can take a home to the next level, creating a distinctive environment in which the owners will love to relax. They will have a stone choice, window choice, and log style choice in their cabin to design the appearance that they are imagining. They can alter the corner details to look more rustic or a have Fairview Log Homes construct a custom natural stone fireplace in their bedroom or living area. Wrought iron railings outside along the deck add a different dimension and personality, as does rustic flooring or custom log tables and chairs. Fairview Log Homes can also assist the client in choosing the log style that will be most suitable to their choice of land — from lodgepole and eastern white pine to northern white cedar and many other options. The choice will change the appearance of one’s home, as well as the level of maintenance that is required in the future. Anyone can call Fairview Log Homes when they want an affordable log home built exactly in the manner of which they have been dreaming.


When any family from Wooster, Ohio, to Powell, Ohio, is debating whether to move to a new custom log cabin or remodel their existing suburban vinyl-sided home in Mahoning County, Ohio, the decision is a not even worth contemplating. Upgrading to the cozy atmosphere of an affordable log home is worth every moment of the design and planning that goes into it. Turn-key contractor Fairview Log Homes aims to satisfy every request on time and within budget, because they know that living in an Amish-built wooden house is a dream for which many reach. This custom log home builder with 37 years’ experience can give their clients a stone, window, and log style choice in their cabin, as well as one or more custom stone fireplaces. Anyone in Tuscarawas County can imagine waking up to an inviting fire in the corner of their beautiful northern pine bedroom. People who have worked with Fairview Log Homes can attest to the quality and care put into every detail of their new home.


August Blog

Building a home is a significant investment of time and finances. People take both of those subjects very seriously in their lives, because those are things that most individuals seem to feel like they lack. People sometimes spend years achieving an income goal, whether it’s laboring their way up from the lowest position in a company or earning a college degree. They work hard for their money and feel personally offended when someone doesn’t respect their efforts. With all this time and money an individual invests in their future, they want to be treated with kindness when they decide to trust someone with their assets. Anyone from Wheeling, West Virginia, to Cleveland, Ohio, who is ready to invest in an Amish-built wooden house can call the reputable staff at Fairview Log Homes near Wooster, Ohio. They love to walk with their clients through each step of the preparation and construction process when they have been trusted to build their custom log cabin. This custom log home builder in Wayne County, Ohio, will assist in designing each part of the requested affordable log home, including custom floor coverings, cabinetry, log tables, and log furniture, in any manner that fits their client’s lifestyle and tastes in décor. They don’t sell a kit, they build relationships with future homeowners and provide a comprehensive package.


Hiring a custom log home builder is one of the biggest investments in anyone’s life and most likely one that has come to fruition after years of planning and budgeting. People in Wayne County and beyond can trust the 37 years’ experience they will find at Fairview Log Homes. With the knowledge that they have obtained throughout the building of over 250 affordable log homes, they make the establishment of a family’s dream home an enjoyable and satisfying adventure. They build relationships with their clients and walk through design, site prep, and each customization to make the new homeowner feel at ease and excited. This turnkey contractor is dedicated to building custom log cabins from Wooster to Wheeling on schedule and on budget. The quality that they offer is exemplified in their construction process, which includes green techniques so that they leave as little an environmental impact as possible.


Fairview Log Homes takes pride in the fact that they do not have preassembled packages or plans, but create a unique home design for each person. Their reputable work is based on the idea that if a request is possible to do, they will be happy to do it. Fairview Log Homes constructs their Amish-built wooden houses in Cleveland and beyond with the highest quality renewable lodgepole pine and northern white cedar logs. Each client can choose a rounded or flat surface for interior walls or a “machined” log, while the pine logs are also available “handpeeled” with draw-knives to expose each log’s natural coloring. While building someone’s custom log cabin, they also offer a choice in cabinetry and custom floor coverings, whether someone desires a more rustic style or modern design. Adding custom features can take one’s home to the next level, from different stairway and corner details to fireplaces, wrought iron railings, and custom log tables and furniture. Whether it’s a plan that someone has already purchased elsewhere, or a unique proposal an individual has created with the designers at Fairview Log Homes, anyone can realize their dream home.


When a client finally decides to take the long-awaited plunge and invest in a custom log home builder in their dream home, consulting with Fairview Log Homes is an ideal decision. In Wooster, Ohio, and throughout all Wayne County, Ohio, they treat each customer with the same respect that they would treat their friends and family. They build relationships with their clients so that they are aware of the personalities that will be instilled in their custom log cabins. Each Amish-built wooden house from Cleveland, Ohio, to Wheeling, West Virginia, is built with many exceptional standard features, while offering a wide selection of customizations — including custom floor coverings, cabinetry, and log tables and furniture. Anyone who has dealt with the 37 years’ experience of Fairview Log Homes can testify to being ecstatic with the construction and the results of their affordable log home!

June Blog

It’s a beautiful day with the sun shining and the birds chirping. A light breeze is making the trees sway and their leaves seem as if they are whispering, and there is only the occasional puffy cloud to be seen in the sky. The individual enjoying the day is standing on their beautiful porch sipping their tea before they turn around to reenter their newly-built custom log home. Anyone searching for a log cabin architect for Guernsey County, Ohio; Ashtabula County, Ohio; and beyond can attain their dream home by trusting the impressive log house building of Fairview Log Homes. Their affordable log cabins can bring a sense of warmth to one’s life with their standard features and natural beauty, as well as anything else the owner can envision by taking advantage of the custom upgrades that are available. This turnkey contractor is not just accessible for the planning and building of an Amish-built log home, but also offers log home staining and restoration by Robert Miller, whose years of experience display superb workmanship. Anyone wanting an affordable wooden house in Noble County, Ohio, and Millersburg, Ohio, can trust the experience and knowledge of Fairview Log Homes with their dreams. 


Many people in Guernsey County and Noble County have grown up watching their parents perform the standard maintenance on the average vinyl-sided house. When adults become homeowners, they expect there to be some care involved in the exterior upkeep of a home, but learning how to best perform this task is a different story altogether. If someone is researching maintenance on their Amish-built log home, they may discover that contacting a professional is the easiest way to get this task done, because they confront all that is involved with the project on a regular basis. Log home staining is not just an aesthetic choice, it’s necessary for the protection and longevity of the exterior. The basics of log home staining are to prep the exterior, apply the initial coat according to the specific manufacturer, perform caulk checks, apply remaining coats, and chink if desired. Whether a wooden house owner is looking for log home restoration or simply staining, Fairview Log Homes can be trusted for this project! Robert Miller possesses numerous years of experience and can accommodate any look that is desired. Ten years ago, stains were only available in brown, but with today’s technology, there are a multitude of choices!


Family-owned Fairview Log Homes has constructed well over 200 custom log homes from Millersburg to Ashtabula County in its 37 years of business. As a turnkey contractor and log cabin architect, they are present from design to site prep to completing the smallest detail of their client’s log house building! The affordable log cabins that are built by Fairview Log Homes offer many standard features that create unique wooden houses, and adding custom details can only take the completed project to the next level. Standards include:

  • 8" log exterior walls
  • Log Rafter Roof System (R-34)
  • Full Log Dormers & Gables
  • Cedar Exterior & Interior Trim
  • 10" Block Foundations
  • Custom Wood Floorings
  • Anderson Windows & Patio Doors
  • ProVia Entry Doors
  • 6-Panel Pine Interior Doors
  • Delta Plumbing Fixtures

While some customizing options include:

  • Intricate stairways
  • Character posts
  • Fireplaces
  • Selection of corner details
  • Wrought iron railings
  • Custom tables and furniture
  • A variety of log species and profiles
  • Rustic flooring


Everyone in Guernsey County, Ohio; Ashtabula County, Ohio; and beyond wants to be the person that can walk onto the porch of their custom log home to enjoy their glass of wine in the evening while they listen to the crickets singing. Affordable Amish-built log cabins can become reality in just one phone call to the log cabin architects at Fairview Log Homes in Millersburg, Ohio. Not only does this turnkey contractor offer 37 years of experience in log house building in Noble County, Ohio, and beyond, but they also offer log home restoration and staining to save their clients from the strenuous effort involved in those tasks. Talking to the knowledgeable staff at Fairview Log Homes about their wooden houses is the first step to making a dream come true! 

History of Us

The History of Fairview Log Homes Contains Hundreds of Amish-Built Log Cabins for Wooster, Ohio, and Beyond


The past is a large part of an individual’s life that has formed who they have become and what they have learned through their experiences. History is the study of past events and how they relate to current decisions in life. Tim Yoder’s father started building log cabins in and around Millersburg, Ohio, over 35 years ago, leaving his son with a beautiful legacy and hundreds of satisfied customers. Tim Yoder began working with his dad as a teenager at Fairview Log Homes before he took over the business years later. The experience that has evolved in this custom log home building business makes trusting them with one’s dream home an enjoyable event. If anyone from Tuscarawas County, Ohio, to Medina County, Ohio, is looking for an affordable log cabin as a summer retreat or as a picturesque new home, Fairview Log Homes is a turnkey contractor so has the ability to guide them with design, site prep, and even the smallest details.  Anyone from Wooster, Ohio; Holmes County, Ohio; and Mahoning County, Ohio; will be guided through the entire construction process while creating their new Amish-built wooden house.


Through 37 years’ experience, Tim Yoder and his family have satisfied over 200 new homeowners who have always dreamed of living in a log cabin. Whether a retired production manager from Tuscarawas County is looking for an Amish-built wooden house or a newly married couple who has never owned a home wants an affordable log cabin in Millersburg, Fairview Log Homes can guide them through the process. This turnkey contractor specializes in custom log home building from Holmes County to Mahoning County with quality renewable lodgepole and northern white cedar logs. Through experience, they have found that a dry, seasoned log is perfect by eliminating the shrinking and twisting associated with freshly cut logs. Both species of wood are available for customizing the interior walls in rounded or flat surfaces, and if that newlywed couple wants to bring out the natural coloring of each log, Fairview Log Homes also offers a “handpeeled” look accomplished with traditional draw-knives. Eastern white pine, southern yellow pine, Eastern red cedar, and several other log species are also available. They have a variety of log modification choices available to match any clients’ preferences. 

With their Amish-built wooden houses, Fairview Log Homes offers impressive standard features before even perusing the vast array of custom options that they offer. Anyone looking for a summer retreat in Medina County, Wooster, and beyond can be satisfied knowing their chosen home will feature the following standards:


  • 8” log exterior walls
  • Log Rafter Roof System
  • Full Log Dormers & Gables
  • Cedar Exterior & Interior Trim
  • 10” Block Foundations
  • Custom Wood Floorings
  • Anderson Windows & Patio Doors
  • ProVia Entry Doors
  • 6-Panel Pine Interior Doors
  • Delta Plumbing Fixtures


Through their years of building, Tim Yoder and his father found that being able to take care of all phases of construction was beneficial in creating happy customers. They are a turnkey general contractor so that they can ensure staying within the agree-upon budget and time frame. Fairview Log Homes has also discovered that some clients prefer completing some of the affordable log cabins themselves so offer a “Dry-In Shell”; additionally, they can perform as much or as little of the process as requested. From breaking ground to final cleanup, any customer can count on being thrilled with the results of their experience.


Considering a summer retreat or affordable log cabin in Wooster, Ohio; Mahoning County, Ohio; Tuscarawas County, Ohio; or beyond? Calling Fairview Log Homes for their custom log home building can be one of the best decisions an individual makes in their lifetime. The history and experience behind the superior quality of the Amish-built wooden houses that Fairview Log Homes provides is exemplified in the hundreds of residences they have built. Whether exploring sites in Holmes County, Ohio, or Medina County, Ohio, this turnkey contractor demonstrates the ability to produce a happy customer time after time.