Log Home Maintenance Program

With our Log Home Maintenance Program, we at Fairview Log Homes are striving to make the maintenance and upkeep of your log home as efficient, simple, and cost effective as possible. By allowing our professional applicators to do the annual wash and inspection, we can make sure that your log home stays clean and protected from the elements. During the process of doing your annual wash, we will take care of minor issues such as caulking checks (cracks) or gaps as needed in log wall. We will also be able to let you know if any further stain applications are necessary at that time, or alert you that a maintenance coat will be needed the following year. If you would like to have us put your home on the Log Home Maintenance Program, please contact our office at 330.359.5726 or email us at info@fairviewloghomes.net. Log Home Maintenance Program includes: • Annual Wash (typically done in the spring) • Annual inspection of log home • Caulking checks or gaps as needed in log wall • Notifying homeowner of any additional work required

*Optional - Treat home for Carpenter Bees with Bee – Gone Cost is typically between $500 - $700 but will be done on a time and material basis.