The Miller Home
The Miller Home
Beautifully landscaped and nestled in the woods of Holmes County, Ohio

Quality Assurance

Fairview Log Homes takes great pride in providing a top quality log homes to each of its customers. We warehouse the majority of our own logs, which gives us the ablity to control the quality of our products.

Each Fairview Log Home is built with the highest quality renewable Lodgepole Pine and Northern White Cedar logs. We use only dry, seasoned logs, which eliminates shrinking and twisting that is associated with green or freshly cut logs. Pine is available in 6" x 8" or 8" x 8" logs, while Cedar is available in 6" x 6" or 6" x 8" logs. Both of these species can be used with a round or flat surface for your interior walls or in a "machined" log. Pine logs are also available "handpeeled" with traditional draw-knives, which brings out the natural coloring of each log. 

Other species available:

  • Eastern White Pine
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Eastern Red Cedar

Regardless of your preferences, Fairview Log Homes is sure to have a log to fit your needs.

Aside from using quality logs, we have a team of dedicated craftsmen who are able to deliver quality workmanship that is second to none. Some of our men have been building log homes for over 30 years and have the experience and skill that create some of the finest details in our homes. Quality is one thing that we will not waver on. We believe that if you're going to invest in your home, then you should build a home that's worth investing in.