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Most people envision log structures as rustic dwellings surrounded by trees, but these types of homes can actually be modified to fit even those with less traditional tastes. The key is finding a contractor near one’s location that specializes in custom home design. In order to obtain the pine/cedar house one desires, it’s crucial to partner with a business that has experience with residential construction and log cabins in particular. Recently, Fairview Log Homes finished working on a contemporary home they built for a family not far from Holmes County, Ohio. Individuals throughout the Tuscarawas County, Ohio and Guernsey County, Ohio areas who are unsure as to whether a log home would fit their style and needs will undoubtedly be surprised by how attractive and modern a residence from Fairview Log Homes can be.


It’s worth mentioning that many of the people who contact Fairview Log Homes are looking for a quaint, cozy cottage that’s fairly uniform in terms of color and style. However, this team of contractors near Holmes County does receive quite a few requests from individuals throughout Tuscarawas County, Guernsey County, and beyond wanting a pine/cedar house with a more modern feel. Fortunately for those belonging to the latter group, Fairview Log Homes has proven that they’re more than capable of designing and bringing a contemporary home to life. The log structure they recently completed in Apple Valley is proof.


Since residential construction has been Fairview Log Homes’ specialty for nearly forty years, they always look forward to a challenge when one presents itself. In the case of the Apple Valley project, the clients indicated that they wanted a contemporary lakeside home. Keeping their clients’ wishes in mind, Fairview Log Homes got to work on custom home design and built a spacious dwelling using high-quality lumber and faux stone. To keep the interior as modern as possible, Fairview’s team incorporated white ceilings and chinking between the logs. This color choice provided a lovely contrast to the dark brown logs inside. The built-in cabinetry, light fixtures, cathedral ceilings, and stone detailing add to the effect, resulting in a beautiful, contemporary home the owners were excited to move into.   


To learn more about the contemporary home that Fairview Log Homes recently built for one of their clients, visit Additional information about residential construction can also be found online, including some of the more popular features found in Fairview’s pine/cedar houses. Individuals throughout the Holmes County, Ohio; Tuscarawas County, Ohio; and Guernsey County, Ohio areas who have been looking for a competent contractor near them are welcome to contact Fairview Log Homes directly by calling 330.359.5726. One of their staff members would be happy to set up a consultation to discuss custom home design and why their log structures are worth the investment.    

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