Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer log home packages?
We are a custom home builder, so we do not sell kits or packages. If you see a home that we have previously built, we can always replicate it! But we have found that even if we start with a previous floor plan, there are usually a number of changes that new clients want to make to customize the home to fit their lifestyle. We do have several popular floor plans that we can start with, if you don't have one in mind, and then we will customize it to your preferences!

Why is there no pricing information listed on your website?
Due to being a custom builder, we aren't able to list out prices because we don't know what your project consists of yet! Every single custom build is different from the next, which requires us to quote each project based on your specifications.

If you're looking for a rough ballpark idea of cost for your home, please reach out to us via email or phone!

Do you build only in Ohio?
Although we are located in Ohio, we are also licensed to build in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. If you're wondering if we can build on your lot, check the travel time from your lot to Mount Hope, Ohio. If it is around 3 hours or less, we can build there!

What is the main benefit of a log home?
A log home that is constructed properly is 30-40% more energy efficient than a standard conventional home. The log walls retain heat to keep the interior of the home warmer longer.
Aside from being more energy efficient, a log home naturally has a cozy and warm feel to it!

Do you build complete turn-key homes?
Absolutely! We specialize in building turn-key homes. This would include everything from designing the home and digging the basement to the home being ready to move in!

Is it possible to build just the shell of a home?
Of course! A shell would include: foundation, exterior walls, structural interior walls, roof system, windows, doors, exterior finishing (staining, etc), porches and decks! Basically anything that is needed to make the home air tight. The interior would then be left completely unfinished.

Does a homeowner have the option to do some work themselves?
Yes! We understand that it can be a huge cost savings to do some work yourself and we fully support that. We offer a "Shell" option where we build the house until it's airtight and then the home owner finishes it out. However, if you don't want to take on that much work, you can choose the aspects of the build that you would like to take care of personally and we will build the rest!

What does the building process look like with Fairview?
We start out by meeting with you to go over the home you're wanting to build. If you're not sure what you're looking for, we can show you a variety of options and styles to narrow down what you love!

Next, we will go over the different variables with you (log style, roof system, floor coverings, etc) so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Once we have agreed on an estimate and you have decided that we are right fit for you, we ask for a small down payment so that we can begin working on blueprints.

After blueprints, financing and permits are finalized, we begin to dig!

As the foundation is going in the ground, we will then meet with you to select some key design features of your home. For example: door style, roof color, window color, exterior stain, cabinets, etc etc.

During the building process we will have constant communication with you and provide updates for the project. We will meet you on site several times to discuss details that are easiest to do while the project is in motion!

After everything is completed, it's time for you to move in!

How long does a turn-key build take?
Once we break ground, a complete turn-key log home takes 6 to 8 months to finish!

Do you renovate houses or only build new homes?
We do both! Whether you're needing part of your home remodeled, a basement finished or if you're adding an addition, we've got you covered!

How often does the outside need to be refinished?
Log homes do require some exterior maintenance, including staining every 3-5 years. The extent to how much maintenance is needed each year depends on location and extent of exposure to the elements. More on maintenance >>

Does the inside of the log home need to be refinished?
The interior of log homes typically do not need to be refinished because they're not being weathered like the exterior. However, if you would like to freshen up the walls in your home, sometimes a fresh coat of stain is all it takes!

Do you lay foundations under your homes?
Always. A house is no good if it doesn't have a solid foundation to sit on! We offer basement or crawl space foundations constructed of either block or poured concrete.

What is the R value of the log walls?
8" Lodgepole Pine Log = R-16 value