14" Swedish Cope Logs
14" Swedish Cope Logs

Log Species

Lodgepole Pine

Our Lodgepole Pine logs are harvested as "standing dead" timbers, which means it is naturally dried from the inside out. It is a very stable wood that has beautiful grains, knots and blue stains. Standard sizes available are 6" x 8" or 8" x 8", with larger sizes by special order.

(Above: 2-Sided Rustic Lodgepole Pine - Clean Peeled) 

(Above: 8" x 6" Handhewn Square Lodgepole Pine) 

Northern White Cedar

Northern White Cedar is one of nature's very tightest grained wood. It has natural defenses against rot and decay, and is bug resistant. It has a beautiful golden color, and is available in 6" x 6" and 6" x 8" logs.

(Above: 8" x 6" White Cedar D Logs)

(Above: 6" x 8" White Cedar D Logs)

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is a clearer pine without as many knots. It is available in 4" x 6" through 8" x 8" logs.

(Above: 8" x 6" Eastern White Pine)

(Above: 8" x 8" Eastern White Pine)

Swedish Cope Logs

Becoming more and more popular in the log home industry due to the grandeur that comes with Swedish Cope Logs. These logs come in sizes ranging from 10" to 14" and larger! 

(Above: 14" Swedish Cope Logs)

(Above: 10" Swedish Cope Logs)

Other Available Species

The species listed above are our standard  species, but we can build from many others including (but not limited to): Cyprus, Yellow Pine, Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir.