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We are passionate about log homes and believe that log homes are worth the extra bit of maintenance that may be needed each year. We are proud to have our own in-house finishing crew that specializes in all things log homes. From log home restoration to log home maintenance, they are the true experts.

Scenic Pine offers a yearly maintenance program to ensure that your log home stays in tip-top shape year after year. We know how crazy life can get and how busy your Spring and Summer can be, so instead of spending your weekend washing your home off or applying a fresh coat of stain, let Scenic Pine do it for you. Spend those free weekends going camping or spending time with family. We can handle your log home for you.

Whether your home needs restained, rechinked, repaired or simply need washed - Scenic Pine can handle it. They also specialize in interior log home finishing. So, if you're needing your interior stained or maybe needs a fresh coat of varnish to liven up the logs just give us a call!

We also understand how crucial it is to repair any rotted logs or wood on your home and we know how overwhelming that can feel if you're not sure how to repair it. Scenic Pine does an amazing job with repairing logs and sealing the fresh wood to prevent future decay.

To sum it up, Scenic Pine can restore your log home or cabin from stripping the logs to applying a clear top coat and everything in between.

Log Home Restoration and Maintenance May Include Any of the Following:

  • Blast or stripping the logs down to the bare log
  • Applying a preservative on the bare log
  • Applying an exterior stain
  • Applying a log end seal to all log engs
  • Applying a clear top coat 
  • Log repair
  • Caulking whereever it is necessary
  • Painting the chinking
  • Chinking or Rechinking
  • Wash the log home off
  • Applying a bee treatment

Interior Finishing May Include Any of the Following:

  • Cleaning or sanding as required
  • Stain or natural varnish application
  • Painting the chinking
  • Chinking or Rechinking

Scenic Pine Finishing is currently servicing the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia areas. If you would like to recieve a quote for the restoration of your log home please give us a call!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the yearly maintenance that a log home requires? Let us handle it for you!

Sign up for our Log Home Maintenance program today!

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