We are a custom builder who specializes in log and timber frame construction! We’ve designed and built over 250 homes in the Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia region since our founding day in the 1980s.

Our passion is combining your vision and ideas with our knowledge and expertise to build your dream home. We believe that just as every person is different, each home should reflect that. Your home should be custom-built just for you to fit your specific lifestyle.

We have been building log homes for quite some time now and something we strongly believe and continuously implement is that quality should come first. Especially with the logs that homes are built with. We will only build with dry, seasoned logs to eliminate any shrinking or twisting that can happen when building with green wood (avoid building a log home with green wood!!). We would rather wait an extra couple weeks to ensure the logs are completely dried, than rush the process and end up with a poor result. You can read about some of our most popular log species here.

Aside from quality logs, we use some of the best local businesses for doors, cabinets, lumber, hardware - you name it! Our community takes great pride in their work and we are so grateful for such amazing resources right in our back yard.

Although, using quality materials means nothing without an excellent crew. Our team is comprised of dedicated craftsmen (some with over 30 years of experience) who offer workmanship that is truly second to none. Meet some of our lovely staff members here.

As a General Contractor, we specialize in building turn-key homes. This, in short, means that we take care of everything from the design to the excavating and foundation to the final finishing touches of the home. When we are done, it is ready for you to move your appliances and furniture in!

We also offer a “Shell” option if you have some constructions skills of your own and would like to do some of the work! A Shell would include the excavating, foundation, exterior framing, windows, doors and roof system. The home would be airtight, and the interior would be left completely unfinished when we are done. 

This probably sounds cliché (and saying that is probably even more cliché), but we truly love what we do. It is such an honor to be able to help design and build homes for people and bring life to what used to be only a dream.